The son of a machinist and secretary, Tom Tull, along with his three brothers, grew up on a small farm in upstate NY. He was raised like most West Virginians at that time to understand that working hard paid off, getting a good education was a must and taking care of your family and lending a hand to friends and neighbors, made for a good life.

While in college, Tom met Claudia Quillen. They fell madly in love and moved to be near Claudia's parents, who lived in St. Albans, West Virginia, to start a life together. Both Tom and Claudia pursued careers in education. Tom is a graduate of Morris Harvey College with two Masters Degrees from Marshall University.

Having spent nearly 40 years as a Teacher, Principal and Central Office Administrator, his sincere interest in his students and staff of teachers, as individuals, earned him respect throughout his career. He served as President of Putnam County Education Association, an affiliate of WVEA and President of WVASCD ( a professional education organization) and is known as an articulate and knowledgeable leader. He has built consensus when needed at times when varying agendas and sensitivities were apparent. His experience to deal with difficult situations that occur every day in the public education system has led him to better understand the importance of building cooperative relationships. He has been described numerous times as being a "well-respected administrator of high moral content." Under Tom's leadership as Principal at George Washington Middle School, Tom dealt with extraordinary issues brought about by the 2000 fire that destroyed the main building. And yet despite these problems, the school continued to function smoothly until it was rebuilt.

Tom and Claudia have continued to live on their farm in Scott Depot for the past 47 years. They are the proud parents of two children and five grandchildren. Their community and neighbors are important to them. Tom has served as President of the Winfield Lions Club, has held various leadership positions at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in St. Albans and both Tom and Claudia share their love of music as members of the Tri-State Mountain Dulcimer Society and The Presby Pickers musical group.

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